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Smiths Twisties

Cheese or chicken? Easy – cheese with a beer and chicken with a can of fat coke.

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Barbecue Shapes

Arnotts Barbecue Shapes

Barbecue Shapes from Arnotts are very tasty, but get tastier if you put several in your mouth at once. Therefore - the bigger your mouth, the more fun you can have.

Arnotts do a 200g box of these savoury beauties. Get a Barbecue Shapes delivery

Tim tams

Arnotts Tim Tams

An Australian classic, according to Arnott's, around 35 million packs are sold each year – nearly 400 million biscuits, an average of approximately 1.7 packs per Australian. All those Aussies can't be wrong.

This is one very sexy food. You bit a corner of each end (not the whole end) and then dunk in tea. After that you carefully suck your tea through the biscuit. The straw essentially acts as a straw. Ask your other half to do this and I will guarantee that not only will you be impressed but also very, very randy. This is not a wine fact but a choc fact.

It has to be Original though some devos go for double coated or chewy caramel. Get a Tim Tams delivery


Kraft Vegemite

Oh legendary vegemite! Vegemite spread. You make my day. Unfortunately my pommy girlfriend is also hooked on the beautiful spread so I have to buy large jars. In fact, last week we ran out then I got ill. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Kraft do a range of sizes of vegemite, small ones for hiding, big ones for sharing.
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Cherry ripe

Cadburys Cherry ripe

Australia's oldest chocolate bar. The Cherry Ripe unsurprisingly contains cherry (and coconut) and is coated in dark chocolate. These tasty treats from Cadburys are another of my girlfriend's favourites. Life's cruel.

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Smiths Cheezels

Bright orange cheesy Os, cheezels are highly addictive. Cruisey. (I mostly eat these when she's not around, just in case)

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Burger rings

Smiths Burger Rings

Burger rings are special, lighter than twisties or cheezels which of course means I can eat more. Apparently made from 100% Aussie grown corn, so get them now before the drought kills off burger rings.

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Nestle Chokito

The Mac Daddy of chocolate bars. Strong name and a strong flavour. One of these bars has enough energy to keep four AFL football teams playing non-stop for six days. This is an Australian Food fact. Some would say the Chokito has the coolest name amongst chocolate bars but my money is with the Pollywaffle. Say it slowly. Polly-waffle. Brilliant.

Some people don't like these but they still buy them, mostly to wind up their partner, flat mates, siblings and/or parents by taking them out of the wrapper and leaving them floating in the pool or bath. Yep, they look like shit but you can live on em.

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There is much you can do with Milo. You can put it on your ice-cream or make a shake. I used to love putting it into the bottom of a large glass and then filling it up with milk. You could stir a little bit through the milk or dig deep to get to some dry crunchy Milo. The lady next door didn’t have Milo rather Ovaltine which in my humble opinion was wrong. Wrong, I tell you.

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